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Famous since the year 2000 as the Best Brand for the Best 100% Pure Kona Coffee ~ Extraordinary in Every Way ~ The Coffee for True Coffee Aficionados

DIAMOND Private Reserve 100% Pure Kona Coffee Medium-Light Roast from Aloha Island Coffee
DIAMONDMedium-Light Roast100% Pure Kona Coffee
Our Smoothest Coffee
Medium-Light Roast
Extraordinarily Mild
Mellow but Rich Flavor
Whole Bean or Ground
$27.00 - $92.00
ESPRESSO Roast 100% Pure Kona Coffee from Aloha Island Coffee
ESPRESSOEspresso Roast100% Pure Kona Coffee
Absolutely Our Best Espresso
Espresso Roast
Excellent Brewed Coffee
And for Espresso Beverages
Whole Bean or Ground
$27.00 - $92.00

              This coffee is so good you can completely forget about cream and sugar!                          -The Beverly Hills Reporter

100% Pure Kona Coffee K-cups from Aloha Island Coffee