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Kona Smooth Kings Reserve Custom Hawaiian Blend Coffee



                                      Kona SmoothTM 

          Handcrafted Custom Hawaiian Coffee Blend

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 Aloha Island 100% Pure Kona Coffee is Certified Kona by The State of Hawaii
"It's really rare to find a coffee that is as smooth and low acid as Kona.
I'm really glad Aloha Island created this blend so that I can still enjoy Hawaiian coffee!"
L.O., Chicago, IL
Kona Coffee News: Recent crops of Kona Coffee have been decimated by a combination of drought and an infestation of a pest called the coffee berry borer.  The last crop of Kona coffee was less than 40% of the normal yield, and supplies of pure Kona are very limited. 
Because we know that our customers depend on us to provide the smoothest textured and lowest acid coffee possible, we have created a wonderful Hawaiian Blend Coffee that matches perfectly the smooth texture and low acid qualities of Kona coffee.  And so we offer our product line of Kings Reserve Kona-Smooth Custom Hawaiian Blend Coffee selections.  Whether you choose whole bean or ground, or our coffee pods for single-serve pod coffee brewers and Keurig K-Cup machines, our Kings Reserve Kona-Smooth Coffee is superb.