Estate Blend is our most popular Kona Coffee Blend selection.  This wonderful, well-rounded medium roast coffee selection in our Kona-One-Cups is ideal for your Keurig K-cup brewing system.

     There is nothing quite so enjoyable as a beautifully roasted cup of Kona coffee and our Estate Blend will not disappoint you.  In our convenient Kona-One-Cups, you will be able to brew this delicious coffee with your Keurig-style K-cup brewer.
     Our Estate Blend Kona Coffee Blend is an excellent coffee for any time of day.  It is very smooth, which is expected of Kona coffee, and yet is very full-flavored.
     We roast in very small batches, and our Medium Roast Estate Blend is delicate yet very rich and filled with the aroma of freshly roasted and packaged coffee.  We go directly from roaster to Kona-cup so absolute freshness is assured.
     We place one dozen of our Kona-One-Cups in a convenient box that is an attractive addition to your coffee brewing center.