This is our exclusive Variety Pack of our own branded and trademarked Kona-cups; our Pure Kona coffee, and Kona Hawaiian Blends for Keurig K-cup brewing systems.

     Each Kona-cup brews a superb cup of coffee in your Keurig K-cup machine.
     Our Variety Pack lets you try four of our coffee selections: Our 100% Pure Kona Diamond, our Kings Reserve Dark Roast, our Estate Blend Medium Roast, and our Surf's Up! Get-your-day-started Breakfast Blend.
     We are famous for our wonderful Kona and Kona Blend coffee selections and all the rich flavor and aroma is tucked inside each Kona-cup.
     We roast in very small batches and create our Kona-cups immediately, sealing in all the just-roasted flavor.  This attractive box of 12 Kona-cups will be a nice addition to your coffee center, and it's a great gift item too.  Box measures 9 x 7 x 3 inches.