Kings Reserve Diamond is our Signature Kona Hawaiian Coffee Blend.  


     We hand select our Kona, Hawaiian and Certified Organic Arabica coffees and roast them to perfection in very small batches.  Our Kings Reserve Diamond Coffee is a very rich Medium-Dark Roast which is full of robust yet smooth flavor and aroma.  


     We craft our trademarked Kona-cups immediately after we roast, sealing in all the freshly roasted taste of this delightful coffee.  


     We place 12 of these wonderful Kona-cups in an attractive box that is a nice addition to your coffee brewing center.  Box of 12 Kona-cups.  Box measures 9 x 7 x 3 inches.  


     This is also an excellent gift item for every coffee lover who enjoys their Keurig K-cup brewing system.