What a great gift for any coffee lover who enjoys brewing with a Keurig single-cup brewing system.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  This item is for standard Keurig single-cup brewing systems and will NOT work in Keurig Model 2.0 machines.  Please refer to our 2.0 compatible products for our 2.0 ready Kona-One-Cups.


Included in our 20 Single-Serve Cup Variety Pack for use in Keurig single-cup brewing systems is our famous Private Reserve Diamond 100% Pure Kona Coffee, and a selection of our Kona Hawaiian Blends.  We create our Hawaiian Blend selections by carefully blending our 100% Pure Kona and our hand selected, single estate Hawaiian coffee with our Certified Organic Rain Forest Alliance Fair Trade Coffee.


We roast to perfection, making sure that each of our famous roast profiles brings out the absolute best taste and aroma qualities of these wonderful coffees.  Immediately after we roast in small batches, we craft our coffee into our trademarked Kona-cups for use in Keurig single-cup brewing systems.  Each Single-Serve Cup will delight your gift recipient with a superb cup of coffee brewed in their Keurig single-cup brewing system.


Our bright cheery gift box measures 12 x 9 x 2 and holds 20 ready-to-brew Kona-cups.