Espresso II Kona Coffee Blend Espresso Roast

ESPRESSO II is our outstanding, luxurious, Kona Coffee Blend Espresso Roast (whole bean or ground), a handcrafted blend of our 100% Pure Organic Kona Coffee with our hand selected estate Hawaiian and Tropical Coffees.   


Our ESPRESSO II Kona Coffee Blend is a very rich, deep, dark espresso flavor profile that is outstanding in every espresso beverage and also as a robust, dark flavor profile brewed coffee.  Espresso lovers will enjoy this Kona Coffee Blend for every espresso need!


We carefully roast our Pure 100% Kona Coffee and our Estate Hawaiian Coffee and certified organic Tropical Coffee in very small 31-pound batches, watching carefully for just the right moment when the perfect deep dark espresso roast level has been achieved.   We immediately package this superb espresso roast coffee to protect the rich aromatic qualities of this wonderful whole bean or ground Kona Coffee Blend. 
Our ESPRESSO II Kona Coffee Blend produces superb shots with every espresso machine, with a very rich crema on every beverage!  Expresso lovers consider this to be a superb espresso coffee!  
And for the ultimate in convenience, be sure to consider our Kona Coffee Blend ESE Espresso Pods; no mess, no fuss and our superb Kona Coffee Blend Espresso Roast in convenient pod form.