Bonzai Pipeline Dark Roast Coffee Pods

Produce a very rich, deep, dark and full-of-flavor cup of coffee.  We named this selection in honor of the famous 'Bonzai Pipeline'** surf on the North Shore of Oahu that has for decades challenged the world's best surfers.  Every coffee lover who enjoys a robust cup of java will indeed enjoy our Bonzai Pipeline selection! 


We hand select this truly exceptional Certified Organic Coffee from private estates that produce outstanding Organic Arabica coffee.  Each estate is in compliance with all the certification requirements to maintain the highest standards of organic certification.  We roast our Paradise Blend Coffee in a Certified Organic facility.


We carefully roast our Bonzai Pipeline Coffee to just the right deep, dark roast level (but never, ever to a 'burned' taste!) to insure that all the finest flavor qualities are developed.  Bonzai Pipeline Dark Roast Coffee is an outstanding, highly aromatic and richly flavorful coffee that is perfect for every coffee lover who prefers a stand-up-and-take-notice cup of coffee! 


These are generous 8 gram pods that will brew a beautiful single cup of coffee.  Each coffee pod is individually sealed for freshness and produces an outstanding cup of coffee with every make of single-serve pod coffee brewer. 




If you have a Keurig K-Cup coffee brewer, purchase a Pod Adapter Here and enjoy our wonderful Bonzai Pipeline Dark Roast with your Keurig coffee machine.


**Pronounce Bonzai as bonz-eye



Each coffee pod is sealed in an individual airtight packet and packed 18 coffee pods in each box.