Stop the waste!  Nearly 39 million k-cups go to landfills
every single day!
"I was upset when I realized I was tossing nearly two thousand k-cups into the trash every year.  This adapter solved that problem and now I have better tasting coffee too."
L.G., Dallas, TX

Our reusable Pod Adapter lets you brew Aloha Island Coffee Pods in your Keurig single-cup brewing system!

     Many Aloha Island customers love their Keurig single-cup brewing systems but would like to have Aloha Island coffee available to brew (our pure Kona Coffee Pods are the most popular!).  To enjoy our wonderful coffee and still use their Keurig single-cup brewing systems, our customers purchase our Pod Adapter and happily use our superb Coffee Pods with their Keurig single-cup* brewers. 
     In fact, we receive calls from customers, wondering if they can brew with our coffee pods using the little basket that comes with the Keurig brewer; the answer is no, because that basket is intended for use with coffee you grind yourself and then spoon into the basket (what a mess!) 


     Our Pod Adapter is a sturdy reusable plastic cup into which you place one Aloha Island Coffee Pod.  Pop the Adapter into your Keurig single-cup brewing system and you're ready to brew the best cup of coffee you've ever had with your Keurig brewer! When you're finished brewing, just lift the Pod Adapter from your machine, push up with our handy ejector and the used pod will pop out for disposal.  Our coffee pods are completely biodegradable so you can even toss them into your compost pile.  Take a closer look:

My-Pod Cup Adapter lets you use Aloha Island Coffee Pods in your Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer

*Keurig and K-Cup are trademarks of Keurig, Inc.