Breakfast Blend Organic Arabica Coffee Pods

Surf's Up! Get-your-day-started Breakfast Blend Coffee Pods produce a rich, full-bodied and full-of-flavor cup of coffee.  We named this selection to honor the surf that causes many a surfer to rise and shine before dawn in order to catch the perfect wave.  


Starting your day with a cup of Surf's Up Breakfast Blend is a great way to start the day whether you're headed for the beach or for a busy day at the office. 


We hand select only Certified Organic Coffee from private estates that produce outstanding Arabica coffee.  Each crop is handled with great care and we roast painstakingly in small batches (in a certified organic facility) to insure that the exact level of roast is achieved that will emphasize the best flavor qualities of the coffee.  


We roast our Surf's Up! Breakfast Blend Coffee to an ideal well-rounded roast level to insure that all the finest flavor qualities that are perfect to start your day are developed in this superb coffee.  Surf's Up! Breakfast Blend Coffee is a highly aromatic and a very flavorful coffee that is perfect for every coffee lover who enjoys starting their day with a superb cup of coffee. 


These are generous 8 gram pods that will brew a beautiful single cup of coffee.  Each coffee pod is individually sealed for freshness and produces an outstanding 




If you have a Keurig K-Cup brewer be sure to order a Pod Adapter Here so that you can enjoy the convenience of our Coffee Pods and experience truly delicious Aloha Island Coffee with your Keurig machine.  


Each coffee pod is sealed in an individual airtight packet and packed 18 coffee pods in each box.