Flavored Coffee!  Six Months of Flavored Hawaiian Blend Coffe

Flavored Hawaiian Coffee Blend

Coffee of the Month Club

     This is the perfect Coffee of the Month Club for any coffee lover who enjoys a variety of flavored coffee selections. Each month for six months we send one 8 oz package (Whole Bean or Ground) of our wonderful, flavored, Hawaiian Blend Coffee.  Included are, French Vanilla, Island Hazelnut, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Fudge, Cinnamon Hazelnut, and Southern Pecan. 


     We carefully blend our Pure Hawaiian Coffee with our hand selected estate Organic Arabica Coffee and then we roast in tiny 31 pound batches, watching carefully for just the right moment when the perfect roast levels have been achieved.   Immediately after roasting, we add just the right amount of organic natural flavors, to beautifully complement the rich coffee aroma and flavor of our highest quality coffee beans. 


     We immediately package this superb coffee to preserve the rich aromatic qualities of each selection of our wonderful flavored Hawaiian Blend Coffee.  Each month, for six months, we send one of our flavored Hawaiian Blend selections.


     Shipping is via USPS and is free of charge to you.