Espresso Coffee of the Month Club, Kona Hawaiian Blend Espresso Roast Coffee Shipped Monthly for Six Months, First Shipment Is Gift Boxed, for Christmas and All Occasions, Whole Bean Coffee


Every espresso lover will be happy with this Espresso Coffee of the Month Club!


Each month for six months we send one (8 Oz Whole Bean) of our Espresso and rich Dark Roast coffee selections.


We ship a selection of our Kona Hawaiian Coffee Blends, our Pure Organic Arabica Coffee, and our outstanding Kings Reserve Kona Smooth Coffee, each roasted to a rich, espresso roast level.


The Espresso Coffee of the Month Club is a great way for an espresso enthusiast to enjoy a selection of tropical varietals.


Each espresso selection is an excellent choice for espresso beverages and for brewing.


Whether producing espresso shots or a pot of exquisite rich, dark and robust coffee, your gift recipient will be thrilled with this choice of gift.


We place the first month shipment inside our very nice gift box, making this an excellent gift item for every occasion.