No Thirsty Child

10% of all profits of Artisan Handcrafted, Inc. are donated to No Thirsty Child

     Hundreds of thousands of small children in developing countries are tasked with the daily chore of carrying water for their family's needs.  Children as young as three or four years of age drag large metal or plastic containers as far as several miles to a local stream or well, fill the containers, and then drag these heavy burdens home again.  These are children who should be in school or at play rather than performing this physically burdensome task.

     More often than not, the water being transported by these children isn't fit to drink.  Filthy by our standards, the water is filled with harmful bacteria and fecals.  Consequently, children, and adults, live with intestinal ailments that we would find intolerable, and they have life expectancies that are far less than ours.

     Artisan Handcrafted, Inc. is a family owned and operated business and when we see and enjoy our delightful grandchildren we cannot help but think of the equally cute and lovable children in undeveloped countries who cannot even imagine the life of cleanliness and good health with which our family is so blessed.

     Each month we forward to a check that is equal to 10% of our company's profits for that month.  Because we are a small business, this amount isn't huge, but we know that every contribution helps. has accomplished so much in recent years, building wells and installing water filtration systems in small villages in Africa.  There are many stories of how the health of entire communities has improved because the community has clean water to drink.  And the small children in those communities no longer have to trudge several miles just to carry water.  Every time we see the smiles on these beautiful children we are grateful that we can help.

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