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Water Process Decaf

Aloha Island 100% Pure Kona Coffee Pods for Single-Serve and Keurig K-Cup Brewing

Aloha Island Decaffeinated Coffee Pods are Decaffeinated with the Non-Chemical Swiss Water Process

Decaffeinated Coffee Pods


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  "Finally, coffee pods with great full-bodied coffee taste but without caffeine!"
E.B., Phoenix, AZ
     Aloha Island has been providing its superb All-Natural and Pesticide Free, 100% Pure Kona Coffee in coffee pod form since single-serve brewing became popular some years ago and we know that many folks who prefer decaffeinated coffee have a difficult time finding great-tasting decaf coffee pods.  Our selections of water process decaffeinated coffee pods are definitely the answer to this need!
     And we offer choices!  Our 100% Pure Kona Decaf Coffee in coffee pod form is a rare find!  In fact, we are the only coffee pod purveyor with true, 100% Pure Decaf Kona Coffee.  Smooth, full of flavor and truly exceptional, our 100% Pure Kona Decaf Coffee Pods are superb.  We also offer outstanding Decaf Certified Organic Arabica Coffee Pods.  Our Chill Out! No Worry Decaf Coffee Pods are handcrafted with our hand selected estate Guatemalan Certified Organic Arabica Coffee.