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Eco-friendly K-cup brewing with Pod Adapter and Biodegradable Coffee Pods from Aloha Island Coffee


I was upset when I realized I was adding nearly two thousand k-cups to the trash every year!  I am so glad I found this alternative.  It works great and the coffee is superior to what I had been getting in k-cups."
L.G., Dallas, TX

Yes, our Coffee Pods work with Keurig K-cup and

all K-cup style brewers and they are eco-friendly!

Because our Pod Adapter is reusable, you won't be adding to the 39 million k-cups going into landfills every day!

Reusable Pod Adapter is the most Eco-friendly way to K-cup Brew
     Our coffee pods are completely biodegradable (we just toss ours into our compost bin) and our Pod Adapter is reusable for an unlimited number of times.  So now you can brew the best tasting cup of coffee you've ever made with your k-cup style coffee brewer and know that you are not harming the environment. 
     Many of our customers love their K-Cup style brewer* but really don't like the coffee that is sold in k-cups.  Our handy, reusable Pod Adapter is the answer!  No mess and no fuss.  Just pop one of our wonderful Coffee Pods into the Pod Adapter and you can enjoy all of Aloha Island's many coffee selections.  Consider one of our Starter Kits to get started with Aloha Island Coffee Pods right away. Scroll down to see our handy Variety Packs that are a great way to get started, or see lots of choices with all of our coffee pod selections.  *Keurig and K-Cup are trademarks of Keurig, Inc.

100% Pure Kona Coffee for K-cup Brewers

Kona Coffee for K-cup Brewers

Our 100% Pure Kona
in 8g and 10g Pods
and Kona Smooth
Kings Reserve Blend
Pods and Reusable
K-cup Pod Adapter
Kona Blend K-cup Pod Brewing

Kona Blend Coffee for K-cup Brewers

100% Pure Kona Coffee
Blended with Organic
Private Estate Arabica Coffee.
8g Pods and Reusable
K-cup Pod Adapter