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Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee from Aloha Island Coffee, including Decaf Coffee Pods

Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Coffee

 "I was so disappointed when my doctor told me I had to switch to decaf coffee.
But then I found Aloha Island and I can still thoroughly enjoy my coffee"  J.M., Dallas, TX
Aloha Island Coffee selects only the finest completely non-chemical Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee to handcraft our Decaf Coffee selections.  The famous Swiss Water Process is a complex and costly procedure that carefully removes the caffeine from coffee solely with pure water and without any added chemicals.  The Swiss Water Process also carefully preserves all the rich coffee flavor.
Decaf Coffee drinkers usually assume they will have to sacrifice rich coffee flavor and subtle texture qualities when they drink decaf coffee.  This is definitely not the case with Aloha Island decaffeinated coffee.